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Research Paper.

Today, we are living with numerous and various lives. And we are connected with each other on the earth. We know that we cannot live without help of other organisms because we also are part of the organisms of earth. So, our behavior affects a number of lives on the earth. Recently, because of environmental change such as global warming deepening, many animals’ lives are threatened. Beluga Wales are one of the animals that are in danger. Beluga whale, melon headed and white, was an animal in my dream. Beluga, or white whale, can make various and silvery sounds, so they are often called canaries of the sea (Atkinson, 2007) or magicians of the sea. They always like
to make a group of scores or hundreds of beluga. So, this whale has a strong relation with its companions. Grand sights of Belugas’ group that are seen from planes excite many viewers. Beluga has a very characteristic appearance. Their personality is pliable; their body is soft and more flexible than other whales. And, they have mostly one baby every two or three years (Pfeiffer, 2007). So, they still have to worry about their population. Now, their population is not many in the ocean anymore and their habitats are also decreasing more because of the environmental change, various whaling, and human effect about beluga. According to Joling (2008), a concern for the low population of beluga whales in Cook Inlet was regarded seriously for many years. They inhabit mostly Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Russia. The Beluga feeds on salmon, smaller fish, crab, shrimp, squid and clams. However the numerous sea lives are moving or disappearing as sea temperature is rising because of global warming now. It affects the food chain, and in the end, makes it difficult for the Beluga to get feed. Moreover, Inuit whale hunters in northern Quebec are continuing. They cannot stop that, because the whaling is an important source for their survival (Blatchford, 2008).

I am sure that numerous lives on the earth are going in danger. I know that Beluga whales’ population is not many in the ocean anymore and their habitats are also decreasing more. Actually, Beluga is regarded as an endangered animal in some countries. “The beluga whale in Alaska’s Cook Inlet has been named an endangered species, and the federal government cited oil and gas development in the area as one of the reasons that the species is struggling to survive” (Galbraith, 2008, para. 1). They face a number of dangers such as developing of the ocean, whaling under the name of scientific purpose, and noise because of human activity. And global warming is too. The earth is warming more because of carbon dioxide. Besides, Beluga whales are affected by environmental change even though it is a small variation in temperature. Moreover, the environmental pollution is a fatal menace to Beluga Whales. We know that the greatest factor of the environmental pollution is the human. Therefore, we have to be interested in protecting them. Also, the government should encourage people to have environmental consciousness about Beluga whales facing danger, and should make the strong provisions to protect them. And it is clearly true that they need help for their existence.

First, we have to get interested in the environmental change that affects the Beluga.
Environment is changing. Now, sea temperature is increasing more and more because of global warming, which greenhouse gas made. Climate change affects the environment negatively. “Our changing climate is already affecting a wide range of migratory species” (Hirsch, 2005, para. 15). Because of the change, many Beluga whales already have started to move to another place for searching their habitat. However, there are not many choices anymore. So, they are dying because there are no places for them. Subtle changes of temperature are affecting a wild scope. And it deprived them of food in the oceans. The rising of sea temperature causes the death of organisms in the ocean such as plankton. “Even subtle changes in sea temperature can have dramatic impacts on wildlife with rapid depletion of the tiny plankton organisms which form the base of the food web in the oceans” (Hirsch, 2005, para. 15). Plankton is the basis of the constitution of the sea. So, if plankton disappears, most sea lives will be exterminated. It means that the food of Belugas also have disappeared from the ocean, because the plankton is the feed of most sea creatures “This is thought to have contributed to a recent drastic decline in the breeding success of some Scottish seabirds, as the fish on which they depend were suddenly deprived of food” (Hirsh, 2005, para. 18). As a result, the rising of the sea level because of global warming also causes the decrease in their feeds.

Second, we have to find a way to protect Beluga from whaling. There are three types of whaling on the earth. One is for survival, another is for research, and the other is recklessly done by countries that approve of whaling as legal. Inuit whale hunters in northern Quebec are continuing the whaling. They cannot stop that, because the whaling of Beluga is an important source for their survival (Blatchford, 2008). In addition, we should maintain close watch on whaling for scientific research data about whales. Most countries have a ban on whaling today. However, numerous whales are still caught by people who have a scientific purpose under name of scientific research even though they do not need to catch them. Moreover, numerous countries such as Japan, Russia, Chile, and Peru still approve of whaling because they do not feel that whale is threatened. Norway represents a whaling country. Furthermore, in the case of Canada, they ignore the counsel that bans whaling from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) (Blatchford, 2008). Although Belugas live to a great age and their viability is high, the number of dying Belugas is increasing because of pollution or accidents every year. In addition, they propagate themselves very slowly, because they breed just a young in two or three years. So, if whaling is even continued by the people, the whales will disappear in the near future. So, if whaling is even continued by the people, the whales will disappear in the near future. It is really dangerous for the Beluga’s population.

Finally, we have to protect Beluga from human activity. Belugas, which are called canaries of the sea, communicate with each other by a variety of sounds. Belugas are sensitive in hearing. However, now, they are losing their sense of direction through being annoyed by noises; the noise pollution that makes Belugas die comes from searching for crude oil, natural gas, and increasing volume of vessels traffic. And, industrial waste that occurred through indiscreet development by people who only pursue their profit and events such as oil spill causes the cancer to Beluga. The noise and pollution connected with industrialization of the inlet prevents recovery. Therefore, we should make a treaty to require the equipment for prevention of noise of everyone who makes noise that affects the Beluga in the ocean. In addition, the intimidation of tourists who have no consciousness is one source. Most tourists do not know the perils that Beluga whales face. Some tourists do not even recognize how they affect Belugas whales with their behavior and approach. So, they need education before they go to see the Belugas.

Some time ago, according to Jolings (2008), the government proclaimed that the beluga whales of Alaska’s Cook Inlet were in danger. And their decision will affect the number of major Alaska projects such as an expansion of the port of Anchorage, or additional offshore oil and gas drilling. “The Cook Inlet beluga population declined nearly 50 percent between 1994 and 1998, based on annual scientific surveys. NOAA scientists estimated the Cook Inlet beluga population at 375 for both 2007 and 2008. Estimates have varied from a high of 653 belugas in 1994 to a low of 278 belugas in 2005” (NOAA Lists Cook Inlet Beluga Whales as Endangered, 2008, para. 5). However Sarah Palin, who is the Republican vice presidential candidate and the governor of the state of Alaska, disagreed with the government decision because she thinks that it is untimely. In addition, Palin, in discontent about the environmental protection problem, refused the listing of Beluga whales on the endangered list for the reason that the scientific proof was not enough; even though the concern that low population of beluga whales in Cook Inlet was regarded seriously for many years, Palin said that it is untimely. According to Kenneth, Palin had said that “an unnecessary federal listing and designation of critical habitat would do serious long term damage to the vibrant economy of the Cook Inlet area.” Her lobby to delay the listing decision about whales was successful in April. The further delay would be harmful. The Cook Inlet population hampered recovery because of the development and industrial activities encompassing those related to oil and gas exploration. However, this behavior causes excessive problems in the future. If we care about Beluga after their populations has almost disappeared on the earth, it is already too late. And we will be required to pay exorbitant costs. So, this is very dangerous thinking that is not conscious of the importance of situation that Belugas are threatened. We should know that we are also part of the environment. Everything will affect people soon. We should find a solution to help dying animals and to protect our life.

In conclusion, several hundred thousand whales are dying in the ocean at the moment. The many environmental problems are often connected with people’s profit. Belugas’ habitats are decreasing through indiscreet development by people who only pursue their own profit. “That has the potential to affect major Alaska projects including an expansion of the Port of Anchorage, additional offshore oil and gas drilling, a proposed $600 million bridge connecting Anchorage to Palin's hometown of Wasilla and a massive coal mine 45 miles south of Anchorage” (Joling, 2008, para. 5). Beluga whale requires our help and protection because to recover their population by themselves is something beyond their power now. We should know that they are in danger because of the environmental change, various kinds of whaling, and human effects. Therefore we should protect them. And we know that the greatest factor of the environmental pollution is the human. A big cause of global warming is carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has continued to increase with industrial development. The global warming is not natural; it results from human activity. Therefore, the people should take responsibility for making these problems. The earth is not only the monopoly of the people. If we are not concerned about these problems, we will be in danger in the near future. The people are connected with the environment and with each other. Therefore, we have to be interested in protecting them. Also, the government should encourage people to have environmental consciousness about Beluga whales facing danger, and should make the strong provisions to protect them. We should know that it is a big problem and it is not only a problem for the Beluga whale.


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Abstract post

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Online Shopping

“Online shopping has become a convenient alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar store” (Ball, 2008, para.1). These days, the people who want to buy a product Online are increasing due to be the increasing popularity of using the internet. I also used online shopping when I lived in my country usually. Online shopping is so popular and common, because it provides much strength even though many consumers have complaints each year. “According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, there were over 205,000 complaints of Internet commerce-related fraud reported in 2004. The more than 184,000 consumers who paid money to the companies about which they were complaining paid a median amount of $214” (Robertson, 2006, para. 1).

It already has became part of daily life, and large numbers of people are using it because we know it gives many advantages to our life; for example, we can get the products at a low price, find the products whenever we want easily, and save time and expense while buying. Online shopping makes our life convenient (Roberson, 2006). It is true even though it has risk. We do not give it up.

We can get the product that we want cheaper than buying in an offline shop because there is no distributions. And we can get the good bargain by comparing prices online. “Online is not only a timesaver, but it allows you it get great deals when you compare prices” (Roberson, 2006, para.1). Recently, many web sites only for comparing prices especially have come into being on the internet.

We can find various products most easily. It is much more convenient to buy the product by internet. And we do not need go to many shops looking for goods that we want. We can buy the product, pay the money, and get goods by just clicking; we can do everything for buying at the home. “It has provided a method of easily finding what you’re looking for or the best price without ever leaving your home” (Ball, 2008, para.2). We do not need to go to outside for buying something that we might buy.

We can save our time and expense for shopping. We can buy whenever we want even though we do not have enough time, or even if that time is in the night or early morning, because there is no closing time. In addition, if we use online shopping, we can reduce our expenses for buying something that we want. We do not need go to another country, even if the product is in another country.

In conclusion, online shopping has much attractiveness to our life even though we cannot see the real product. We do not need to go outside to purchase goods. We can buy the goods without many costs for shopping. And we can get the goods in a less complicated way. Therefore, numerous people will use shopping online more and more.


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FE#7 Food between Korean and U.S

A grain like rice and vegetable usually are not missing from a Korean table. Rice is the staple food for Korean people. So, we cannot live without rice, like bread is for Americans. I think that most of American food is oily, creamy, and sweeter than Korean food. When I came here for the first two months, I grained 8kg in my weight. It gave an exorbitant shock to me. However, my weight came back to me, luckily, after I moved to a house from the dormitory, even though I did not do anything for my weight except changing my meal to Korean style from American style. I realized the culprit that gave the weight to me was American food! That is because I ate American food every meal for two months. It is not that I do not like American style food. But I can realize one thing through this case; Korean food is better than American style food for diet! Do you have problems for your weight? If you say “yes”, I recommend a Korean table to you.

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J/Q 6 Memories with my junior high school friends.

I have two friends. They are two girls of my best friends I was same class with them when I was senior in junior high school. The interesting point is that one girl’s appearance of two girls is very similar with me. So, people often mistake that my friend is me or me is my friend. And people always asked about whether we are sister or not when we were together. Even if some people believed that we are twins, if we lie to them. That time with them, I felt that going to the school is really happy for the first time in one’s life. I enjoyed going to the school sincerity. I think that I can never forget my 14 years old because I can’t say my school life without them even though I spent just one year in junior high school. That time was most exciting, interesting, amusing moment in whole my life until now. We are similar but different each other. We always made up for the weak points each other. Whenever I remind my 14 years old with my friends, I can’t stop laugh because my dear memories with them. We are still best friends each other. I know that I can never return that time. So, I miss that time more and more. I swear that if I was not with my friends, my life was empty. That time, they were my life. And I also was their life. I still love my friends. I will love my friends forever.

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FE#6 Vacation activities

Most of my vacation days were with travel. Every vacation, I plan a trip. Sometimes I traveled abroad. Sometimes it was just travel in my country. I love an adventure. So, I always try to find new things. I hope that I see and feel to touch a lot of things in my life. I traveled to Europe for a month on summer vacation in 2006. I traveled my country last summer vacation for 22 days through only walking on foot. It was a very hard time for me. Some people often say that was crazy about that. But, I do not think so, and I do not regret my choice, because I got a number of things like patience as much as I got the hardship. One of the numerous reasons that I love travel is that I can be more mature and get a wide field of vision after travel.